Who Can Apply

The Talking Books Program is available for Wyoming residents with visual impairments as well as for those who have physical or reading disabilities. The disability may be permanent or temporary.

Qualified patrons include Wyomingites of all ages who:

  • are legally blind;
  • cannot see well enough to read regular print comfortably regardless of corrective eyewear;
  • have physical limitations that prevent them from holding books or turning pages;
  • have reading disabilities due to an organic dysfunction, such as dyslexia, autism, or traumatic brain injury.

How To apply

Download and complete this application.

In addition to basic contact information, you will also:

  • Select the types of books you want and how frequently you want them sent (this can be changed at anytime);
  • Have it signed by a certifying authority (details are on the application);
  • Send it to the Services for the Visually Impaired (the application is pre-labeled and does not require a stamp).

For assistance, please call the Services for the Visually Impaired at (307) 856-5652.